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US-1668371-A: Apparatus suitable for the gradual production of gases patent, US-1668377-A: Transformer for electric-arc cutting and welding apparatus patent, US-1668412-A: Life-saving device for submarines patent, US-1670695-A: Brake mechanism patent, US-1670976-A: Fishplate for railway rails patent, US-1671024-A: Lamp structure patent, US-1671172-A: Volume-control apparatus patent, US-1673539-A: Means for cleaning the submerged surfaces of vessels patent, US-1674476-A: Chair for supporting and spacing concrete beam and slab reenforcing steel patent, US-1674559-A: Clothesline holder patent, US-1674963-A: Loom-lay mounting patent, US-1675134-A: Metal-coated sheet and method of making the same patent, US-1675213-A: Actuating mechanism for selective-control thermostat systems patent, US-1676903-A: Valve patent, US-1678044-A: Air filter patent, US-1679498-A: Floor mat for vehicles patent, US-16797-A: Improved nipple for discharging or withdrawing cartridges from breech-loading fire patent, US-16800-A: Machine for forming the curved surface of solid wooden chair-seats patent, US-168428-A: Improvement in hair-brushes patent, US-1684672-A: Motor-vehicle heater patent, US-1685053-A: Glass furnace patent, US-1685150-A: Air compressor patent, US-1685446-A: Universal joint patent, US-1686758-A: Rotary-valve internal-combustion engine patent, US-1686781-A: Self-cleaning rake patent, US-1687215-A: Liquid-depth-indicating device patent, US-168739-A: Improvement in travelers for spinning-rings patent, US-168741-A: Improvement in drill-stocks patent, US-1687438-A: Check-fold spreader patent, US-1688610-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-1688647-A: Process of correcting printing plates patent, US-1689211-A: Pressure boiler patent, US-1689464-A: Automobile bumper patent, US-1689698-A: Timing device for pneumatic metal pumps patent, US-1690005-A: Liquid-control cock patent, US-1690253-A: Reenforced-edge plaster board patent, US-1691016-A: Temperature-control switch patent, US-169187-A: Improvement in oilers patent, US-1692333-A: Signaling device patent, US-1692414-A: Best available cop patent, US-1692450-A: Window-sign holder patent, US-1693930-A: Method of impregnating wood with substances toxic to animal and bacterial life and fungus growths patent, US-169412-A: Improvement in processes of decorating glass patent, US-1694881-A: Spool-retarding device for tube frames patent, US-1694913-A: Freight-handling apparatus patent, US-1696777-A: Holder for arc-lamp carbons patent, US-1697380-A: Garment patent, US-1697646-A: Support for flexible doors of kitchen cabinets patent, US-169765-A: Improvement in heating and ventilating stoves patent, US-16977-A: Machine for patent, US-1698158-A: Floating roof for oil tanks patent, US-1698364-A: Means for eliminating magnetic coupling patent, US-1699835-A: Windshield patent, US-1700745-A: And albert b patent, US-1700997-A: Push sled patent, US-1701981-A: Golf-ball marker patent, US-1702687-A: Building construction patent, US-1702730-A: Wall product and apparatus for and method of making same patent, US-1702774-A: Typewriting machine patent, US-1702856-A: Bending machine patent, US-1703093-A: Evaporator and preheater system patent, US-1703809-A: Electrical resistance device patent, US-1704211-A: Stove patent, US-1704755-A: Wall bracket for maps patent, US-170540-A: Improvement in electric railway-signals patent, US-1705913-A: High-frequency submarine cable patent, US-1707160-A: Fluid meter patent, US-1707264-A: Fluid-pressure control for cylinder cocks patent, US-1707601-A: Inviolable and unfillable bottle patent, US-1707731-A: of akron patent, US-1708668-A: Tire-fabric construction patent, US-1709116-A: Gas-burner deflector patent, US-1709643-A: Temperature indicator for motors patent, US-1709695-A: Induction regulator patent, US-1709906-A: Unloading device for compressors patent, US-171054-A: Improvement in remedies for rheumatism patent, US-1710649-A: Variable-speed and reversing gearing patent, US-1711278-A: Pneumatically-operated electric switch patent, US-1711513-A: Fire door patent, US-1711873-A: Process of preparing dyestuffs derived from diphthalimido anthraquinones patent, US-1713721-A: Radio ground patent, US-1714304-A: Light diffuser for headlights patent, US-1714621-A: Gripper brake for railways patent, US-1715286-A: Automobile cover patent, US-1715552-A: Liquid-dispensing apparatus patent, US-1716541-A: Liquid-dispensing apparatus patent, US-171673-A: Improvement in fly-traps patent, US-1716804-A: Side-draft-eliminating device patent, US-171748-A: Improvement in abdominal corsets patent, US-1717951-A: Method of producing nitrosyl halide patent, US-171814-A: Improvement in gas-stoves patent, US-1718532-A: Means for locking outlet valves in position patent, US-1718880-A: Nursery chair patent, US-1718975-A: Lamp-shade, globe, and guard holder for conduit-outlet boxes patent, US-1719040-A: Lady's hand bag patent, US-1719512-A: Dip brazing patent, US-1719923-A: Container for granular material patent, US-1720144-A: Recovery of entrained oils from clay patent, US-1720639-A: Latch-bolt guide patent, US-1720932-A: Vapor lamp or stove of the pressure type patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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